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What causes window damage?

Windows and doors are often overlooked during cleaning and house inspection for renovations but they are also more susceptible to damage than other parts of the house. Being exposed to weather conditions and frequent movement can make windows develop functional problems but, it can’t be easily spotted if you aren’t looking out for it. Most people do not pay attention to their windows and may not actually notice leaks, rust, and other damages till the issue has spread further and caused more havoc. For these reasons, it is essential to check your windows regularly to spot signs of damage to the windows and frames, but if you don’t know what to look out for, you can’t carry out appropriate repair or replacement for your windows. Here are some things that may cause window damage and will help to look out for any issues in the windows.

1. Bad installation

If the installation process is not done by professionals, there may be mistakes that could result in window damage. Gaps in the window frame and the site of installation, for instance, are a common mistake that occur as a result of bad installation, and they could result in rain and moisture getting indoors. However, the gaps may not be prominent and you may not find out about the problem with the installation until damage occurs.

2. Condensation

Seeing spots of water and leaking around your window could be as a result of rain or other water bodies and if the condensation isn’t cleared up, it can lead to rust or other forms of damage to your windows. If the condensation gets further into the window frames, it may eventually lead to cracks in the frame or glass panes, especially if the windows have been used for a long time.

3. Issues with the sealant

Similarly, to the installation process, the quality of sealant/caulk used for your windows is an important factor to their quality. If the sealant is loosened, it can create gaps and cracks in the window frame. While loose sealant can be fixed by re-applying new and better quality, you need to be on the lookout for loose sealant in your window frame because it may be a pointer towards more damage to your window.

4. Lack of overhangs

When making decisions about window design and styles, overhangs are an important thing to add but most people overlook them. Without overhangs, your windows have no protection from the direct impact of rain and sunlight, which can weaken their efficiency and increase the likelihood of window damage. Overhangs can keep the rainfall a few inches away from your windows and reduce the direct effect on your windows. Not prioritizing an overhang may be one of the causes of window damage that you experience.

5. Plumbing Issues

Pipes close to the window that have plumbing issues may be a fact that’s causing window damage because exposure to water can weaken the frame, if it is wooden, and cause rust, if it is metal. Make sure your plumbing is always in great condition to avoid window damage.

A professional windows and doors company should be your first option when it comes to installation in order to avoid any form of window damage and support your window maintainable.

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