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Tips For Clever Snow Shoveling You Should Know

Snowflakes, white skirts – the white splendor is like magic! But what makes children’s eyes shine is more likely to make adults moan in annoyance. Because they need the white stuff again eliminated so that the necessary evil doesn’t turn out to be hard work, we have five tips on how you can move snow very cleverly.

Clothing: Dress Warmly

Before you go out, of course, you have to dress appropriately, preferably in winter work clothes. But what is okay for a stroll through the city will be way too much for the strenuous job of shoving snow. Because clearing paths is sweaty and therefore dangerous – a cold could quickly threaten if the skin becomes damp and then clammy!

So, it’s best to wear several thin layers of warm but breathable clothing. In addition, it is essential to wear proper winter boots with a good profile, thick and a hat – because we lose a lot of heat through our head!

What To Do With The Snow

Be sure to make a plan before you start working. First of all, the focus is on avoiding duplication of work. For example, if a snowplow clears your street, the driveway that has just been cleared could be pushed back in. So, wait as far as possible until the clearance vehicles are through.

The order on the property can also be important: if you want to free your car, for example, you first sweep the snow off the body and only then shovel around the car. This will also avoid double handshakes. And by the way: getting up early is worth it because fresh snow is lighter than older snow.

Also important: think about where the snow should go. Because especially when it snows continuously and abundantly, these masses cannot stay on the sidewalk permanently. The road is also not an option as it will affect traffic. The best thing to do is find a lawn and transport the mountains of snow to it. They can be stored here in peace until the melt begins. You can learn more on ninja de-icer for instance about dissolving snow.

The Right Tool Is Needed

The tool should be selected depending on the size of the area to be cleared and the amount of snow. Broom. If only a light layer of powder snowfalls, a broom made of sticks or plastic bristles is usually sufficient for clearing. With it, the paths sweep quickly and easily. Anyone who has to clear cobblestones or loose materials can also use it to compensate for the unevenness better.

Snow shovel. The snow shovel is a good choice for larger amounts of snow. The wider shovel can be made of wood, plastic, or aluminum – a Teflon coating is the royal variant that no longer sticks to snow. If that’s too expensive for you, you can rub your shovel with furniture polish, which has a comparable effect. A metal edge even gets to grips with ice.

Snow tub. You don’t believe it anymore, but there are places where snow falls in such large quantities that it can only be removed with the help of an XXL shovel. The large-capacity snow tub is only pushed and is particularly easy on the back. Whatever tool it is, make sure that the handle is the correct length, has a good grip, and is not too heavy. This is the only way to work healthily. On ninja de-icer for instance, you can learn more about how to clear snow.

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