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Tips For A Sustainable Garden Renovation in 2022

Having a home that is not only conducive to your own happiness but also to the sustainability of the local ecology is a wonderful feeling. A greater number of residents are now looking for ways that their property can improve the quality of the local environment while simultaneously reducing their own carbon footprint. Thankfully, for those homes with gardens, options are numerous.

In fact, many can coincide with exciting outdoor renovations and activities. Sustainability can also be brought into every garden and of any size, which means that even those living in small apartments or expansive estates have ample opportunity to benefit the environment with their property’s garden design. To show you how, we’re sharing some of the most popular and most impactful changes that you can make this year.

Extend The Grow

Following winter, homeowners tend to act rather quickly when it comes to mowing their lawn. At the sight of unwelcomed weeds and spreading plants, many will reach for the shears, wanting to tame their garden space once more. This, however, would hinder the local pollinators. Many insects rely upon these newly flowering plants as a vital food source after a long winter. So, before you tidy everything up, wait a little bit longer, perhaps a month or two, and allow nature to revel in its Spring.

Compost Your Food Waste

Food waste is a tricky subject for many but, outside of politics, it is one of the most significant carbon costs and it is one that few homes are free from. By creating a compost system in your garden, you not only minimise your food waste impact but also help to restore nutrients to the soil, especially if you scatter compost in your own garden.

Add Solar Panels

Solar panels are no longer excessively costly, inefficient in British weather, or cumbersome. In fact, advances have meant that now even the roof of a log cabin or garden shed can become host to a modest solar panel. There are a number of factors that affect how much charge you can achieve, especially the amount of sunlight, however, many will be surprised to learn how quickly a battery can be filled, one that is able to then charge all of their home’s devices, for example.

Grow Your Own

Few experiences are as gratifying as producing and eating your very own foods. Even something as simple and hardy as a carrot can easily be produced in a growing pot upon nothing more than a shelf on your garden wall. By dedicating space, whether a portion of land or a wall garden, to food that will be consumed, will not only improve your diet but will reduce your food bill and carbon footprint too.

An Upcycled Design

Just as within the home, a garden’s furniture does not need to be purchased first hand. Everything from plant pots to dining tables can be rescued and upcycled into wonderful new garden aesthetics, those that both look great and prevent an item from becoming waste. Not only will you learn new skills by giving new life to older objects but you will also be rewarded with a unique garden style too!

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