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The Gift of Generational Gardening


If you grew up watching your parents and grandparents spending numerous hours in the garden growing beautiful plants and delicious fruits and veggies, it is likely that you have also picked up gardening as a hobby. Perhaps you want to teach it to your child too. Generational gardening is a good practice since it allows you to develop a strong bond with your kids and teach them the importance of preserving the ecosystem. To start with, you can replace the old topsoil of your garden by searching “topsoil near me on Google to find stores that sell the product near your area.

Next, you can proceed to teach the various steps involved in gardening and growing plants, flowers, and vegetables so that they can become ready when it comes time to transfer that knowledge to the next generation.

The Details

Here are a few reasons why it is important to teach gardening to the next generation:

  1. It teaches the young generation the importance of environmental preservation – The importance of protecting the environment cannot be understated. Technological advancement has proven to be a boon to modern society in many ways, but it comes at the cost of destroying the environment if we are not careful.

Carbon emissions from cars and factories and the release of harmful gases from electrical appliances have resulted in global warming. We are damaging the environment in many other ways.

Teaching kids gardening from a young age enables them to learn how to take care of plants and seeds and helps to instill a great sense of responsibility in them. They develop green and eco-friendly habits and try to keep their surroundings clean and tidy from a young age. Plus, they also tend to teach their friends about the importance of developing a sustainable environment.

  1. It allows children to develop their self-confidence – It is important for kids to develop a sense of self-worth from a young age so that they can learn to handle tough responsibilities when they grow up. One of the best ways to teach children to develop their self-esteem is to allow them to engage in their favorite hobbies such as singing, dancing, drawing, and even gardening.

Tending to different types of plants in a garden is not an easy task, especially for kids. However, the joy of seeing their first bloom can develop a strong sense of competence in them which helps to boost their confidence.

  1. It helps them develop important analytical abilities – Allowing your child to learn gardening is a great way to develop their core analytical skills, thinking and reasoning ability, and teach them about the organization and proper planning too. It’s a practical practice that involves various stages of planning and execution such as learning about different types of plants, the different types of gardening tools and how to use them appropriately, and important details about how soil, weather, and nutrition affect the growth of plants, and more.

The practical approach helps to complement their theoretical understanding and allows them to improve their observational and monitoring skills as well.

  1. It develops a strong bond between the old and the new generation – Nowadays, many kids are immersed in a digital world since they have easy access to smartphones, tablets, and computers. Although it is not a bad thing when practiced in moderation, it can certainly make it difficult for them to connect with the old generation who grew up without interacting with such digital technology.

Teaching about gardening makes it possible for people who grew up in the nineties or before to develop a strong connection with the younger generation since it not only involves teaching kids important theory but also requires the utilization of a hands-on approach. Gardening allows you to foster a more intimate relationship with your kids since you get to actively spend more time together with them.

  1. It teaches them to eat healthily – We all know how difficult it can be to teach kids to eat healthy vegetables and fruits when processed foods and fast foods are so readily available. It can be a dreadful experience for most parents when they realize their child is not eating a balanced diet or not receiving proper nutrition.

One way to compel your kids to eat healthy veggies is to teach them about gardening and let them grow their own veggies. Kids are more likely to get invested in eating healthy vegetables when they grow them on their own. In fact, you can simply allow them to witness the growth of different vegetable plants in your garden to create a sense of attachment to them.

The best part is that you can ensure they are only eating healthy food without any harmful pesticides or chemicals since you know exactly what goes into growing the plants in your garden.

  1. It enables children to engage in healthy and moderate exercise – Kids need to participate in activities that cause them to exert some amount of physical pressure on their bodies so that they can develop strong bones, muscles, and a healthy body. Gardening requires the usage of various tools and equipment and various processes such as digging, turning compost, raking, and more that require you to burn some calories.

The best part is that you can control the intensity of activities by preventing them from participating in the more stressful gardening methods.

  1. It promotes relaxation and helps to improve focus and memory – Spending time outside in nature among beautiful shrubs, trees, and flowering plants is a delightful experience that helps to reduce anxiety and calm your soul. The fresh scent of flowering plants, rain-soaked soil, and the chittering of birds and insects helps to reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol.

Thus, children who participate in gardening learn to relax actively and as a result, find it easier to develop their cognitive abilities, improve their focus and memory, and also develop their social skills.


Healthy topsoil is one of the most important requirements of any garden. If you believe you need to replace the topsoil in your garden, you can search “topsoil near me” to find stores that sell high-quality topsoil.

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