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Whether you need privacy, insulate or enhance the aesthetics of your home, drapes are one of the significant elements of interior design. However, they are exposed to dust and allergens that spread into the air with every touch of the drapes. Drapes may look beautiful while still harboring dust, pet hair, allergens, and other airborne pollutants.

Without proper cleaning, the appeal of your drapes can diminish. You can decide to clean your drapes, but you risk damaging them if you don’t know how to handle the material. Here are the perks of utilizing professional drapery cleaning Los Angeles.

Protect your drapes

Drapes are usually made of different materials that are heavy-weight. While some drapes fabrics can be hand-washed, others need dry cleaning or professional cleaning. If you don’t know how to clean the material properly, you risk damaging your beautiful drapes.

Also, the drapery lining is made of a different material from the drapes, and any improper cleaning methods can cause its shrinkage. That means that drapes won’t properly hang, or they may suffer a pull. Some drapes also feature some embellishments too delicate for regular washing, so professional drapery cleaning is necessary.

Eliminate hidden dirt and allergens

Draperies hang on the windows and doors; they collect a lot of dust and dirt from the outside over time. These airborne contaminants that linger on your drapes can impact your indoor air and lead to respiratory problems such as sneezes and coughs. The fabric may also come into contact with insects and moisture, which may lead to the growth of mold, causing a musty smell in your house. Professional drapery cleaning leaves your drapes sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Prolong the lifespan of your drapes

Drapes do not come cheap; therefore, they are a significant investment for your home. It is best to routinely vacuum your window drapes to ensure they remain in their best condition. A drapery cleaning expert inspects the fabric to determine the best cleaning method and ensure it is not exposed to any shrinkage or damage. Having your drapes professionally cleaned doubles or triples their lifespan since professionals use the best cleaning products and methods.

Make your drapes look brand new again.

Ideally, you should have your drapes professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year in between regular cleaning. That also depends on the amount of dust and dirt they are exposed to. How often you clean them also depends on whether they are exposed to smoke and if kids and pets frequently touch them. A professional drapery cleaning returns your drapes to a new-like condition and improves the interiors of your house.

Eliminate bad odors

Draperies can trap bad odors and leave your house smelling foul all the time. No matter how much you clean or spray air freshener, your smell will not go away unless you clean the drapes. You need to get your drapes deep cleaned to get rid of the odors for good.

The bottom line

Regular vacuuming can keep your drapes clean, but professional cleaning every once in a while is necessary to remove hidden dirt, odors and improve their appearance.

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