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Picote Cutter And Pitch Fibre Drain Systems

Picote Cutter is a widely used tool that aids in drain cleaning and cutting.  It is an effective tool for cleaning and maintaining drain pipes and can be handled by an operator remotely. Picote Cutter is considered a flexible tool in terms of getting into various lengths and diameters with ease. A Picote Cutter is sharp on any surface and can cut through almost all materials like PVC, iron, clay, and many more.

Added Features:

  • A Picote Cutter can clear out drains and pipes without damaging the exterior walls. It clears out all types of blockages and pipe cloggings.
  • It is easy to adapt to and learn its basic functioning. A drainage expert can operate the cutter without much effort.

A Picote Cutter can be customized based on the needs and requirements of cutting. Basic extensions and types include:

  • Twister Range to connect drains
  • Maxi power Plus Cutter Range to enhance the cutting.
  • Maxi Miller Power Plus Twister Express to speed up the cutting process.

Pitch Fibre Pipes is one of the cheapest types of pipes available. Drainage experts are not in favor of these types of pipes as they can collapse at any time. This pipe is created with a vacuum press process of wood cellulose fibre and refined inert coal tar pitch.

These Pitch Fibre Pipes require regular maintenance and clearance to avoid blockage and collapse of the pipe.

Ways Of Cleaning A Pitch Fibre Drain:

  • High-Pressure Water Jetting
  • Rodding Or Mechanical Rodding

But cleaning a Pitch Fibre Drain has a major threat of damaging the structure and integrity of the pipe material and increasing the chances of the pipe collapsing. A Picote Cutter can be used in these circumstances provided the depth of cleaning requirement and quality of the existing pipe.

Pitch Fibre Pipes were initially considered one of the best and reliable pipes. But after witnessing the easy collapse and Root ingress in Pitch Fibre Drains, drainage experts were against the use and preferred stronger and efficient pipes available.

Pitch Fibre Drains also go through internal blistering and delamination when deformed. In such instances Clip Lining Method can be used for clearing out the pipe, the condition being the nature and exterior strength of the existing pipe.

Traditional excavation methods can only be used if the pipe quality has not deteriorated over time. But each method shall be used only after guidance from a drainage expert and quick analysis of the current Pitch Fibre Drain quality and strength.

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