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Maintenance Of Pressure Control Valve That You Should Know

The service is not to be despised with such complex components! To maintain correctly, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The maintenance of valves can be defined at intervals.

Once a week: should the general function be checked – does the valve maintain the set outlet pressure?

Once a month: do a visual inspection – are the pipe connections and the valve housing leakproof?

Twice a year: you should check that the spindle runs smoothly – does the adjusting screw rise by itself without a lock nut?

Once a year: carry out preventive maintenance – this includes dismantling the valve to check for contamination or damage to the membrane.

Caution, risk of crushing! Take the valve out of operation for cleaning.

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The Main Types Of Pressure Regulating Valves

Simple pressure control valves are screwed to hydraulic pipelines – ring lines or sets. If you want to regulate fluctuating volume flow or if you want to provide a valve in a control block, proportional or seated control valves are used.

Proportional Pressure Control Technology

In some cases, a simple pressure control technology is not enough to guarantee functions ideally. For example, if you equip a piston with a throttle, the volume flow also changes!

Flow control valves must be used if the load increases at a constant extension speed or the speed of a hydraulic motor. A flow control valve can keep the volume flow constant even with different pressure drops.

Here you regulate by supplying voltage, which brings the pressure control valve into the appropriate position using the magnetic current.

Pressure Control Valve As A Seat Valve

Pressure-regulating valves can not only be used on ring lines or pipe fittings! There are usually connections provided for internal components as well. A screw-in valve is used for this.

This is, of course, also available in a wide variety of designs. On hydraulic control blocks, for example, you will find measuring connections or filters under the blind plugs and connections for a seated pressure control valve.

What Defines Quality In A Control Valve?

Under some circumstances, we have identified some factors that can influence the result of valve operation. In control devices, it is of fundamental importance to assess the quality of the device because it directly influences the process control; the deviations presented in meshes can be identified and quantified in terms of gain, time constant, and dead time interval.

In valves and controls, among these, the most important factor is the gain. The gain is the ratio of the percent change in a process variable to the percent change in valve stroke. Visit website to learn more about control valve collections.

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