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How To Clean The Objects That Are Used In The Kitchen?

The objects used in the kitchen also do not escape dirt and grease, but some deserve special attention according to euromaids.

Cutting Board

The solid wood plank is one of the favorites, but it is common for health surveillance professionals not to recommend it because it can be harmful to health. Therefore, it is recommended to wash it right after use and keep it clean, dry, and store it away from insects. If signs of wear appear, replace it with a new one, as the wooden and plastic boards stick dirt in the cracks that form, and there may be a proliferation of bacteria. A smooth glass board is recommended as it does not create cracks.

To clean, wash the board immediately after use. If used to cut meat, wash it with soap and water and then cut vegetables. Do not leave the board dirty with food scraps for a long time. Wash with soap and water. Rub a lot and, if necessary, use a specific brush for this. Rinse under running water to remove all soap.

Once a week, it is also recommended to sanitize with a chlorinated solution. After washing it with soap and water, place the object soak in a basin with two liters of water and two tablespoons of bleach. Place a bowl of water on top of the board to be immersed. Leave to act for 15 minutes—Scrub, rinse, dry, and store.

Dish Drainer

Whether stainless steel or plastic, it must be washed frequently. It can contain food waste and, therefore, become a focus of microorganisms. Washing the item can also help maintain the shine. To wash, you can use neutral detergent or creamy soap. Use a soft sponge and not steel wool as it scratches stainless steel and plastic.

Dry the stainless steel to avoid stains. It is essential to wash it once a week or whenever necessary in case it becomes greasy, or something falls on the drying rack.


Whether granite, marble, or nanoglass, wash with detergent or creamy soap to wash stone countertops. Use a soft sponge, not a steel sponge. Do not use bleach or chlorine-based products, making the countertop porous. It must be washed every day after cleaning the kitchen by euromaids. In stainless steel vats, apply a spoon of bleach to the sponge and use it. Then rinse and dry.

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