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Flooring: What You Need To Know About Some Flooring

The floor is an essential item in the composition of an interior design. That’s because the right choice creates an atmosphere that meets the resident’s style for his corner. Here are some types of flooring on stone center for instance you should know. check out:


Granite is a stone formed from mica, quartz, and feldspar. In projects that value sophistication and refinement, floors made of this material are usually a good bet! The granite floor can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is scratch and chemical resistant. In addition, the resident can be calm about cleaning, as the material has a smooth surface that does not absorb fat, which makes cleaning faster.

To maintain the quality and shine of the floor, it is essential to consider polishing the surface of the granite. This will make it last even longer and remove stains that appear over time.

Regarding the decoration of the space, keeping the same granite model in all rooms can make the atmosphere monotonous. Invest in different textures and colors that talk to each other to create a harmonious and fun composition.


The marble is a stone made of calcite, which provides light to the environment. It is a smart solution to include in projects that aim to create a cooler space, leaving the surface pleasant on the hottest days. Marble floors (especially classic, smooth and white ones) are less resistant than granite floors. However, the sophistication and freshness they convey to the environment make up for it. For this reason, they are more suitable indoors in places such as the living room and bedroom.

In bathrooms and kitchens, the ideal is to opt for this stone on other surfaces, such as walls.


The laminate flooring is quite a choice considered for living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. Ideally, they should be indoors because, unlike the others, they are more sensitive to the actions of time. One of the main advantages of laminate flooring is the great cost-benefit and immense versatility of finishing options. The most common models of laminates are those that imitate wood. It is not a shiny material, and for that reason, it presents a sober atmosphere in the composition of spaces. It is worth mentioning that these floors are usually warmer than average and offer thermal insulation, ensuring coziness to the space.

Therefore, in homes that have a very high incidence of internal heat – such as buildings with ceramic slabs that absorb temperature – the ideal is to reconcile the laminate with other elements that pass freshness – such as plants, for example. You can see some patterns on stone center amongst others.

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