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Everything You Need To Know About Home Security

Condominium security is a constant concern. After all, most people who live in a condominium are looking for more protection. In this sense, good practices and new solutions must be “on the radar” of the liquidator. Many resources from companies like forbel security systems for instance can be used to promote condominium security. But, in addition to being on top of the news, a good landlord is attentive to understanding what is best for the condominium. To help you, this article has everything you need to know about condominium security. Check out!

5 Steps To Ensure Condominium Security

  1. Identify Vulnerabilities

Before deciding on condominium security, you should know: what makes the condominium vulnerable?

  • Failures in the analysis of potential and actual risks
  • Lack of equipment makes it difficult for criminals to act
  • Lack of safety training for employees
  • Lack of procedures that automate daily routines
  • Extraordinary situations
  1. Involve Residents In Security

On the other hand, residents also have the role of protecting the condominium, and this can be done daily, such as:

  • Do not leave your house or car keys at the concierge (if necessary, arrange with a neighbor or family member)
  • When entering and leaving the condominium, watch for possible suspicious activity – especially at night
  • Do not operate the gates from long distances
  • Do not allow other people to “ride” when entering the gate
  1. Attention When Hiring And Training Employees

When hiring new employees, two things are essential: background checks and prioritizing who has references. Likewise, residents should also be careful when hiring services. Oh, and don’t forget: employees must be trained frequently. This is the time to reinforce the main condominium safety standards, such as:

  • Suspect unsolicited deliveries or when they cannot say the name of the resident
  • Do not authorize the entry of people who claim to be technicians (telephone, gas, TV) but do not know the resident’s name or the unit where the service will be performed.
  • Never provide information about the condominium and its resident
  • Not giving details about the security system.
  1. Maintain Rigidity At The Entrance And Exit Of Strangers

Did you know that one of the most sensitive points in a condominium is the entry and exit control? Therefore, and to maintain condominium security, it is ideal that some rules are followed, for example:

  • During events in the ballroom, request a list with the names of the guests and their companions
  • Establish rules for the season lease through applications
  • Do not allow people to enter without authorization or identification
  • In case of deliveries, ask the owner to receive the order at the concierge
  1. Invest In Technology For Condominium Security

Today, the market offers a series of solutions to improve condominium security through technology. That is, in addition to CCTV, cameras, and alarms, other technologies can help protect residents and employees and they can be seen in places like forbel security systems for instance.

This is the case with the remote concierge. With it, the access control of the condominium is done remotely, 24 hours a day, through a specialized company. And as the concierge is the most sensitive point of a condominium, having solutions like this guarantee’s condominium security.

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