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Enlisting Some Common Misconceptions About Property Restoration

When restoring property damage, many people have many misunderstandings and fallacies. While some of these misconceptions might have carried some truth in the dark ages, technological advances have allowed the professional restoration 1 of cape cod company to move past them. Homeowners must follow suit, move past the misconceptions, and act quickly. If not, they might end up with more property damage that could be easily avoidable with quick action. This article comprises some common myths related to property restoration.

  • Replacing costs is less than Restoring the Building

The contents and building structure cleaned and salvaged are often far less expensive than replacing them. However, it can vary with the situation. Sometimes, replacing the contents and the entire building is the only option after severe damage. Yest, a professional damage restoration company like restoration 1 of cape cod can successfully clean and remove contaminants, helping homeowners avoid high replacement costs.

Moreover, an experienced restoration contractor will prioritize mitigation to stop further damage and minimize additional loss. They know mitigation is extremely time-critical and must be performed within 24 hours of the disaster.

  • Dry Carpets Implies Dry Home

This myth is untrue because carpets dry much more quickly than the building’s structural materials. Therefore, after water damage, the drying process is complete only when structural materials, like cement walls, floors, and ceilings, are dehydrated. Even damage restoration professionals measure moisture levels with advanced meters and sensors.

Always remember that danger with ineffective drying can turn minor loss from water damage into hundreds of dollars of mold claims. Therefore, make sure to hire certified restoration professionals to dry the structure.

  • Smoke is Not as Bad as Fire Damage

It’s a common myth that homeowners believe. Smoke damage can be as bad as fire damage or worse than that in some cases. Smoke can easily travel throughout the building and even reach areas not affected by the fire. Moreover, it can cause discoloration and damage to building structural materials while leaving behind a strong odor that could be difficult to remove during the normal fire damage restoration process.

In addition, smoke can damage electronic devices and cause corrosion to metal surfaces. Family members can inhale smoke, resulting in respiratory issues, eye irritation, and other health problems. The smoke damage restoration process can be much more challenging and time-consuming than the fire damage restoration process. All this can be avoided by working with an experienced damage restoration company.


Homeowners should refrain from falling for the property damage restoration misconceptions. Instead, they should consult a professional restoration 1 of cape cod company when in a doubtful situation. Certified restoration contractors are the best option for mitigating and property restoration. Their continuous, rigorous training makes them capable enough to avoid the flawed theories, myths, and mistakes of the past. Moreover, reputed and certified property damage restoration companies utilize the advanced equipment and techniques to do the job correctly and cost-effectively. In addition, these companies can help homeowners file a claim for damages.

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