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Common Ways To Know When You Need A Shower Faucet Repair!

It’s always annoying when you’re in need of a shower faucet repair, but it’s also important to not neglect these repairs. Letting your shower faucets and valves deteriorate will only make matters worse, which will likely lead to more expensive repair bills.

Properly maintained shower faucets and valves make the entire shower experience much better, and recognizing certain plumbing repair warning signs will ultimately depend upon the type of shower faucet you own.

Below we’ll be detailing common red flag warning signs associated with repairing your bathroom’s shower faucet!

Leaks & Drips Coming From Your Showerhead

It’s frustrating when you’re experiencing drips and leaks coming from your showerhead, because these issues lead to a lot of wasted water, higher utility bills, and even potential structural damages if the leak is neglected for too long. These types of leaks indicate that something is wrong with either your shower’s valve or faucet, and this type of dilemma will inevitably require professional assistance.

It’s possible that the shower faucet’s inner rubber seals have become worn down due to normal wear and tear, and when this happens, the faucet won’t create the right type of seal that holds water back when the shower is shut off. Worn-out O rings are another common cause for shower faucet leaks, as well as worn-out rubber gaskets.

By replacing your rubber seals, O-rings and rubber gaskets, you can bring new life to your showerhead and stop even the peskiest of leaks!

Shower Handle Issues

If you’re ever feeling resistance while using a shower handle or it feels like it’s not working correctly, it could be a red flag that you’re experiencing issues within your shower faucet. Shower faucets often get misaligned or turn faulty due to excessive corrosion, and this is particularly an issue in municipalities that suffer from hard water supplies.

The result is a shower faucet that feels stuck or difficult to open and close. This is never a DIY repair project, because it indicates a significant need for professional assistance. This is because if your shower is experiencing corrosion issues, then it’s likely that other parts of your plumbing system are corroding as well.

The good news is that Master Plumbers can thoroughly inspect the inner workings of your pipes and overall plumbing system by using state-of-the-art technology like pipe inspection cameras, which gives them a firsthand glimpse into what type of shower repairs you’ll ultimately need.

Random Water Temperature Fluctuations

Mineral buildup within showerheads is common within residential plumbing systems, and these issues are warning signs for issues like faulty water heaters, damaged shower cartridges, and typical appliance wear and tear. However, random water temperature fluctuations are more than likely the result of a faulty shower valve or faucet.

Worn-out shower faucets typically fail when it comes to water temperature control, which is why this is one of the most common red flags on this list. Not only is it annoying when your shower is providing cold water when you want it to be warm, but you may have other lingering issues deep within your plumbing system that need to be inspected by industry specialists.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be caused by many different plumbing dilemmas, and faulty shower faucets are one of the main causes of low water pressure in shower fixtures.

This type of shower-related low water pressure is often connected to internal component and valve corrosion, as well as wear and tear over many years. One of the best things a homeowner can do is regularly clean out their showerhead to remove the traces of sediment buildup, and this can be done through DIY vinegar soaks.

But if a thorough showerhead cleaning doesn’t alleviate the low water pressure, then you likely should leave the shower faucet repair procedures for plumbing experts to handle.

Shower Spout Water Leaks

It’s also possible for your shower’s spout to start leaking, and this type of leaking often coincides with showerhead leaks. It could be that the shower faucet was installed upside down, or is simply faulty.

Be sure to hire a professional plumber for a comprehensive inspection when you’re noticing shower spout leaks!

Preserve Your Bathroom’s Plumbing By Hiring Professionals For A Shower Faucet Repair!

Every plumbing issue, including a shower faucet repair, should be left for professionals to handle properly. DIY plumbing can lead to all sorts of future issues that could have otherwise been avoided with industry knowledge, and your shower faucet needs to be handled correctly in order to obtain long-term results.

You can learn more about shower faucet repairs by speaking directly with the industry experts at Beehive Plumbing when you go through the link to their website located at the top of this page!

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