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A Guide To The Best Patio Materials

Patios are mostly made of one of six basic materials when it comes to materials. What you do with these materials determines whether your outdoor surface has a unique aesthetic or personal expression. The material you choose for the Canterbury patio paving will be determined by personal preference, the location of the patio, your budget, and the size of the outdoor space, and what’s available in your area.


Nothing is duller than a flat slab on which concrete has been poured just to make a patio. However, if you want to use it, take into account a marked pattern which is dyed using a coloring agent to give it a natural and beautiful look. Keep in mind that this sort of Canterbury patio paving requires a lot of upkeep. It is recommended to reapply the coating after a certain period of time such as a year of two so that the color does not fade. The color goes away in highly trafficked areas.

Paving Blocks

Paving blocks are cuboid-shaped paving brick designed specifically for Canterbury driveway paving. This paving is designed to be stronger and thicker than normal slabs making you park the car without worrying about breakages or cracks in the bricks. They aren’t just functional, either.


Brick is porous and can holds moisture. It cracks in cold temperatures and needs to be replaced. Slippery moss accumulates on the bricks in shaded spots and must be washed away with the help of a bleach solution and a brush. The moss problem is less severe in sunny locations, but it still grows and must be cleaned off. This is because, it makes the walking difficult and even dangerous.


Cut stone, often known as stone tile, is a type of flagstone that is cut into rectangular or square shapes. Cut stone is used for formal applications because of its geometric form and placement. It features smooth square edges and faces and can be put in even rows or spread apart, with a loose material or ground cover covering the gaps.


Flagstone comes in a variety of hues and stones, depending on the quarry and area where you live. It’s a popular choice for Canterbury patio paving and front entrances. The uneven shapes distinguish the massive, flat slabs of stone, which are usually 1 to 3 inches thick. When wet, flagstone has a somewhat roughened surface that provides excellent traction.

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