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6 Tips To Keep Your Lawn Spotless

The replanted emerald grass is the species that occupies the largest land area of 5 thousand m².  Between the two blocks of the building remodeled by designer Paola Ribeiro, phoenix palms, fan palms, and marantas share the spotlight.

The replanted emerald grass is the species that occupies the largest area of ​​the land of 5 thousand m². and marantas share the spotlight. A healthy green lawn makes all the difference in the garden, but many people do not know that grass is one of the most sensitive species to changes in temperature and humidity. The key, then, to an always attractive lawn with a long lifespan is maintenance. Earth Development tells us tips to keep plants beautiful and healthy in winter

  1. Keep The Lawn Always Clean

This is the most exposed area of ​​the garden; it is common for different seeds to be blown in by the wind or birds, leading to pest growth. The ideal is to completely tear off any leaves that protrude from the grass, making sure to remove the root as well. “The important thing is not to let the pest spread, as it is usually stronger than the turf and reaches the point where it cannot be controlled. If you can’t pull it off by hand, consider spraying it with poison or some homemade recipe.

  1. Plan To Watering

The watering must be done before 10 am or in the afternoon, after 16h. “That’s because, when water accumulates on the lawn and heats up in the hours of the most intense sun, it burns and whitens the grass,” says the landscaper. In summer, watering should be done daily, while in winter, every other day.

  1. Winter Requires Special Care

To protect the grass from the cold, dew, and frost during the harshest weeks of winter, it is worth covering it with good quality vegetable soil. “It’s just not worth exaggerating and covering the lawn with five fingers of dirt. The idea is a thin layer that leaves the part of the lawn exposed, like a blanket on the coldest days.

  1. Don’t Space The Pruning Too Much

The ideal length of grass varies according to taste, but it is important not to space the pruning too much, as there is a risk of shortening the life of the lawn. And don’t overdo it: cutting more than a third of the leaf’s length makes photosynthesis difficult, making the grass fragile. “If you sit on the grass and open it, you will see that the green is always at the tip of the leaf, while the center is browned. If you let it grow a lot to prune, it will always have a brown lawn for a few days”, says Roberto.

  1. Always Give

your lawn a second chance Technologies to keep your lawn looking healthy to abound, from fertilizers that make the grass grow faster and those that make it greener. So, before giving up and replacing her, make sure you’ve given her every chance and plenty of water! In general, the lawn only needs to be replaced when it is extremely irregular or with some pest that is no longer worth pulling up.

  1. Trust Your Instincts

Like any living thing, grass can behave out of the ordinary. Therefore, according to sites like Earth Development amongst others it is worth observing how the lawn responds to your care. If you water every other day, you notice that the grass is still dry, do not hesitate to increase the frequency.

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