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5 Whys I Should Upgrade My Boiler

Every boiler is bound to have problems after a certain amount of time, but there are many ways you can help your boiler run better for longer. Have you been trying to find ways to upgrade your boiler so that you can press on with more projects or just save money on commercial boiler repair. So how do I know if I need a new boiler? Here are five things you can do yourself to upgrade and repair your boiler:

1) Inspect the boiler and all associated pipes regularly:

If there is a problem with any part of the boiler or its associated pipes, you want to catch it early. So inspect the boiler and all associated pipes regularly. You can also get boiler servicing if doing it yourself is not something that interests you.

2) Install a boiler cover:

This will help the boiler from getting dirt and dust inside of it while keeping small animals out as well. It keeps the boiler better protected from the elements while not being too bulky.

3) Use boiler flushing tablets each month:

When you use boiler flushing tablets, you can continue to use your boiler without worrying about mineral build up on the boiler or in the pipes. It makes for a cleaner boiler and better appliance. All you have to do is drop one tablet in the boiler and one tablet in each scheduled water boiler feed for a total of four tablets.

4) Check the boiler regularly to make sure there are no gas leaks:

You can do this with an electronic detector or by touching your hand on all surfaces of the boiler and smelling it. If you smell gas, shut off power and contact a professional.

5) Upgrade Your Boiler with Clean-Burn Technology:

Clean-burn boiler technology is one of the most efficient boiler technologies on the market today, promising up to 90% savings on boiler fuel costs. Aftermarket boiler companies are now producing clean-burn boiler units that can be easily integrated with boiler units that were not originally produced with the technology.

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