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5 reasons why trees are beneficial

Trees are with us from ever, and life would not have been possible on this planet if there were no trees. We all know the importance of trees, but have you ever through of the specific reasons why trees are beneficial for humans and animals? Animals take a lot of benefits from these trees, especially when you grow Deer friendly plants in your garden. It is a great idea to develop wild tree garden in your area, this will not only provide you an opportunity to get closer to nature but will also ensure that you contribute something towards restoring the nature. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons why trees are so beneficial for humans and animals.

Reason why trees are beneficial

This is true that trees do not move, but the number of benefits and advantages that they offer are no less than moving living beings. Following are the major benefits and advantages which we enjoy with the help of trees and plants.

  • Trees protect the environment – trees take the greenhouse gases and clean the environment. If there were no trees, the effect of climate change would be more adverse. This is why we should encourage people to grow trees and plants in their yards, no matter how many they grow!
  • Trees have direct impact on physical and mental health – This is understandable that trees help us protect our physical health by reducing the toxins from environment. But this is also proven from research that trees play an important role in determining our mood. Trees have a direct impact on our psychological health.
  • Trees provide wildlife a place to live – Forests and wildlife places are like this because of these dense trees. If these trees were not there, it would have been very difficult for the wildlife to survive.
  • Trees clean the air and makes it easier for us to breath – Trees are helpful in improving the quality of air. These are the trees which improve the oxygen level in air and makes it easier for us to breath.
  • Trees are helpful in filtering water – The reason why we get fresh and clear water despite all the increased pollution is that trees clean and filter the water in many ways. Trees play a significant role in cleaning rainwater.

Conclusion: Keeping in mind the above-mentioned benefits and advantages of trees, we should encourage people to grow more trees, no matter how much space they have!

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